Wrapping up

It is the last day of November already - how is that even possible? Man this month flew by! At any rate, it also means today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I am so pleased and even proud that I managed to post every single day.

There were definitely some days that it was more challenging than others - trying to figure out what I really felt was blog worthy to share with the world. I found it most challenging to write on the weekends. I just don't really blog much over the weekends normally, it's easier during the week. Because face it, I work a semi-boring at times desk job, so I usually have a few minutes free to write...and I'm not going to say that too loudly, because I don't like talking about work in my blog and I do like my job a lot of the time...

Anyway, I'm glad I participated again this year. I'm not sure I gained much from blogging every day other than having a good opportunity to work on my writing. Now that the month is over, I do not know if I will keep blogging every day or not. I do still enjoy it greatly, so I am sure I'll still be blogging pretty darn often. In fact, I have ideas for posts to take me through the end of this week even.

But even if I do keep posting nearly every day, at least the pressure of "I have to get something posted today" is over and I am glad to be able to go back to posting at my leisure.

Thanks to all who followed along on my journey this month. I hope you enjoyed the things I shared, from the theme posts to my daily ramblings and recaps of what we did throughout the month. And I hope you'll keep tuning in even after today!


Gina said...

I know what you mean! I was bummed that I missed posting twice but what can you do? I can't wait to see what themes you do carry through the week or even the rest of the year!

Jes said...

Way to go!!!