Time for another update type post!

Thought I'd do a "what's new with us" post since I haven't in quite awhile.

So, here are the highlights:

- Our walking and jogging is going pretty well. I was pleased and shocked to get through the required three minutes and then some this morning! I guess I am improving as we go!

- Nate is getting to start working more with the server side of IT which is a great step for him, it will give him more experience. The downside is it's alot of evening/night work, last night was a good example, he was tied up from 7:30 to 9:30. The plus side is the more he gets into it the more he should be able to work remotely and still watch TV with me at night and that sort of thing as he works.

- I am moving at work once again. To an office. With four walls, a door and a window! I recently took on the job of making the security badges for HR so I needed a larger space to keep the equipment. While it is an office, it's not terribly much larger than my cube, but I'm not complaining. I am very excited about this move.

- Praise Project is taking a little break through Holy Week and the Easter season, so my parents and I decided to join up with the St. Williams choir to at least sing for the Holy Week services. I have to say, nice people, but man, the music is boring. Also, I was shuffled over to be an alto, which is a bit odd since I have sung soprano for well, as long as I've been singing. I guess I should look at it like a new and interesting challenge...or something like that.

- Nate and I booked a week long getaway to Itasca in May. I am so looking forward to a week away even if it'll pinch us just a bit financially. Thank goodness for tax refunds!

- Speaking of tax refunds we hope to finally replace our dishwasher in the near future. It died in October and while I did not grow up with a dishwasher, I loved having one when we moved into this house. I have sorely missed it, especially if we've had company!

That is about it! I am proud of us for our exercise efforts so far and am very happy that Spring appears to be here to stay!



Twelve Years gone by...

Still discovering new things about each other
and in the world around us

Still walking together on this path called life

Still having fun with one another

Still totally and completely in love.

Twelve years gone by since those famous words uttered by Nate "do you want to be a thing?"
My answer is, was and always will be "Yes, I will be a thing with you"
And this "Thing" has been the best "Thing" ever. And I know it always will be.
Happy twelve years of "togetherness" to one half of of the best thing ever.
Photos by Jes Lee Photography


Walk to run

So in our quest to get in shape and exercise more, I have somehow let Nate talk me into doing a program with him called "Walk to Run". Yeah you heard me right. Walk to RUN. This girl is going to attempt to start running.

Stop laughing, I'm serious.

I've made it pretty clear before that I'm not crazy about the idea of running, but this program eases you into it. We do alot of walking in the beginning in fact. Some days you only walk. And I want to help Nate stay motivated so I figured the best way to do it was try to do it with him. I figure if we get into it and it doesn't work out so well I can stop or just do walking with him. But I think it would be neat to try to get into jogging a bit.

The program is 12 weeks long and as I said before, starts out really simple. Yesterday for example we walked for 15 minutes and that was it. Today we walked for five, jogged for one and walked for another five. And that was enough to start!

We'll see how this goes. Along with our pushups and situps I may end up with abs of steel.

You're laughing again aren't you? That's ok, so am I! My main goal simply is better health, that's all. Anything else would be icing on the cake.


A finished decopauge project

I can finally share some pictures of my first finished decopauge project. Well, the first one that turned out and that I'm really proud of anyway. This is a plaque I made for my friend from college Justine, who is expecting her first baby next month. I know Justine reads the blog sometimes so I couldn't share the photos until I had given her the gift at her shower a week ago.
We found some adorable wrapping paper with Sesame Street characters on it. Then we took and covered a round plaque with pastel colored printer paper. On top of that we decopauged cut outs of the characters and the words Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that is also part of the wrapping paper. We finished it off with some decorative ribbon around the edge and to hang it up with!

I think the finished project is quite adorable! I sure hope Justine likes it too!

My current projects are a small box I'm covering with flowers - let me tell you, it gets hard on the eyes after awhile and a penguin that I'm covering with black and white wrapping paper we found. It's been fun to be crafty so far!


Getting in shape

So Nate and I are making an effort to get in shape. I have been pretty good about regular exercise for awhile now, but really wanted to work on strength training. Nate just really wants to get back into exercise all together. So, we're helping each other.

Over the weekend Nate got himself some fancy new tennis shoes. They are really nice and will work whether he is doing walking or jogging. A friend of his also has a watch that he's selling Nate that helps keep track of steps, miles, laps, etc. As the weather continues to improve it will be easier to get outside and get into walking or even jogging. I am also hoping to start biking more again too.

For strength training we've taken a couple of different challenges. We found an online program called "One Hundred Pushups" that first of all teaches you how to do them correctly and then gets you into a program where you do so many sets every other day or so working your way up to eventually being able to do one hundred. Right now I'm up to seven, ha ha. There's a similar program for situps so we've started that one as well. One day we do the push ups, the next we do the sit ups. It's intense, but it seems to be making me stronger!

I am happy that we're working on this together and can help each other out. I look forward to when we can get outside and go for walks in the evenings! I think we're getting close to that point!


Planning for the future

My head is swimming a little bit right now, although not as badly as I thought it could be. Nate and I have begun the process of attempting to plan for our future in terms of retirement and that type of thing. And also looking into options for us in terms of life insurance if God forbid something happened to one of us.

I should back up here and explain how we even got on this track. My cousin recently became a financial advisor. And one of the things that they are encouraged to do to build a client base is pretty much call all of their friends and family to sit down and talk through their options and run an analysis. So, he called us about a month ago and asked if he could do just that for us and we agreed because really, it is something we need to look at and think about. Nate did get set up through his work last year on some retirement plans, but that's about it so far. And since we weren't crazy about the financial advisor he has through work, we had said, gee we should shop around for this and just hadn't really taken the steps to do so. So really, my cousin has given us a good kick in the butt to bring this to the forefront.

I don't like thinking about getting old or the scenarios of something happening to Nate, but it is a necessary evil in life, we have to be prepared for these things.

Fortunately my cousin and the person who's training him have been pretty great in bringing us through the process. We haven't made any decisions yet, we're considering the options they presented us and will make an informed decision in the near future. I'm thinking we'll end up going with him, but that's not a guarantee either. I have to say I do feel comfortable with him since he's obviously family and the guy who has been coming along with him is very relateable and appears to be close in age to ourselves and I think that makes all the difference.

I tell you, nothing makes you feel more "adult" and "grown up" than having these conversations though! I won't lie, there are times even after being married almost four years already that I feel like a kid playing house. But with this stuff, it's definitely more reality! At any rate, I am glad we're beginning to take these steps.


Spring Fever

The weather over the last couple of days has been outstanding! I feel like it's been a long winter! I think it has something to do with the fact that we were having snow in October! In other ways, we've been so busy that it also feels like winter flew by pretty fast. At any rate, I'm ready for it to be over and I'm ready for spring!

I have so many things I want to do this spring and summer. Many of them relate to house related upgrades/repairs/etc. Some of the things I want to do are fun things though too. All of them pretty much involve Nate too, ha ha!

At any rate, it's nice to see the sun, nice that the snow is melting and the birds are starting to sing again. There's hope that spring is getting close!


This weekend I....

This weekend I....

-Had a great dinner at Red Lobster on Friday night with my husband (yay no meat Fridays in Lent!)
-Watched a cute movie (Whip It)
-Went consignment shopping with my mom and got some incredible deals (Fossil purse for $30, heck yes!)
-Cleaned my house a bit
-At least gathered together all of our tax information so we can get those done
-Had a nice breakfast out with my husband other than the fact that our service was way super slow
-Restocked our house on a large number of items we were lacking - food, cat things, etc.
-Spent kind of alot of money due to the above, but some of it came from Sam's Club so hey, won't have to buy again for awhile
-Watched another movie that I had never seen from beginning to end
-Felt good, relaxed and re-energized to come back for the week.

After last week was less than fabulous, this weekend was just what I needed. Some retail therapy, some quality time with my husband and some time to relax. Today is a new day and I continue my mantra of "it's one day at a time". And as Willy Wonka says "Right, then, on we go."