Caribou Saturdays

It's really difficult to type a blog post when you have a cat fighting to sit on your lap, but here goes anyway!

It's Saturday and my day is pretty jammed packed with stuff, though some it should be fun.

One of my favorite parts of Saturdays though is my weekly Caribou Coffee visit with my parents. Today my dad had to work so it was just my mom and me, but it was still nice.

We've been doing this every weekend pretty much since I got married. It's not that they don't love Nate, but he's not an early morning kind of guy and it's nice for the three of us to have a chance to connect. We've always been this little family unit of three, the Three Musketeers if you will, so I like that we have this tradition to just be the original three. Most of the time we only sit there about a half hour, but it's a half hour I might not have gotten with them otherwise with our busy lives. I miss it if we ever end up not doing it for some reason.

Of course, it never hurts that Dad usually buys. ;)
I wouldn't give it up for anything though, even if he didn't treat.


simplicity said...

What a fun little tradition Beth! Glad you enjoyed! :)

Julie said...

That sounds nice. You're lucky to have your parents so close to do that with. Having Dad paying isn't so bad either.

Gina said...

What a great tradition that you keep doing with your parents. Love it!