Thankful Thursday - Thanksgiving and Birthday Edition

I'm so completely thankful today - thankful for this glorious Thanksgiving holiday and for another year of life.

Thankful to be blessed by so many wonderful friends and family.

Thankful to be married to the most wonderful man on earth.

Thankful for the opportunities I have to do things I love from singing to shopping.

Thankful I have a roof over my head and food on the table every day.

Thankful for these crazy furry creatures who live with us and make me smile every single day.

Thankful to live in a place that sees four seasons in a year and even though winter came early this year, we had a glorious fall and I even am thankful for the snow as we go into the holiday season.

And I'm thankful for anyone who reads this blog and actually likes following my ramblings - you all mean a great deal to me too, even if you are someone I have never met!


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