Music Monday - Firework

So you may have noticed I took down the music player off of my blog. It's nothing against anyone who does use it - but I read an article on Friday that kind of convinced me to remove it for now. I may reinstate it later but for now, I'm going to go without.

But, I'm still doing Music Mondays! Now I'll just include a link to the song I choose and if you want to go listen to it, great, if not, no harm no foul. Or something.

Today's song choice is completely out of character for me. I have chosen a Katy Perry song. Now if you recall in this post I stated that while I was sort of siding with her on that issue, I am not necessarily a fan. But I tell you - I heard this new song of hers last week called Firework and something about it spoke to me.

She talks about feeling kind of down on yourself and how you shouldn't because there is a light inside of you and you need to let it out. It's a great self esteem boosting song. It's human nature that we all can get down on ourselves every once in awhile and it's a great reminder that we are capable of great things and need to live without fear and just burst forth. Someone on the Muppet boards I read even posted that this song is enough to make you forget about the controversy with Katy Perry and Sesame Street and that really - this kind of song actually makes her a bit of a role model. Kind of ironic I guess!

Here's a link to the video on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw
There is a 15 second ad beforehand because this is the "official" Katy Perry channel or whatever. I'm not saying I've become a huge fan of hers after this, but I do know this is a song I want on my iPod.


simplicity said...

Have never heard the Katy Perry song before, will have to do that.
SUPER curious about the article though about the music thing, will you pass along to me??

Cyndy said...

Cool song with a great message, but I am super creped out with fireworks shooting out from everyone's chests. I am too much of a visual person, maybe I should just listen to it on the radio...without the fireworks exploding from the chests.

Beth said...

Hey Samara - trying to find the link again and have been unsuccessful so far - it's someone I follow on Twitter and it's buried in all her tweets, but I'll try and find it again!