Winter blahs

This instant plunge into winter has got me a bit down. I do love this time of year, I love Thanksgiving, which is less than ten days away, along with my birthday. I'm excited for the Christmas season coming soon - but I feel in a sense that everything is going to end up somewhat rushed this year because it already feels like it has all come so fast.

I do have time to get a handle on everything - gifts for people, plans, events, etc - but right now it all looms in front of me like it might end up a bit on the overwhelming side.

It doesn't help that with it getting darker earlier now it leads me to want to just hibernate at the end of the day instead of actually doing something!

I will be feeling better when I finish Nate's birthday present, which I am certain will happen in the next few days here. We have some ideas for Christmas gifts. Mom and I have discussed Christmas cookies a bit already and will start on those more or less the moment they get back from their trip in early December.

Everything is going to fall into place just fine. I will end up loving this time of year as I always do, I just have to remind myself right now more than usual - just go one day at a time!

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Gina said...

I hear you on feeling like the season is going to be rushing too! I guess we just have to take the holiday season one joyful day at a time.