Catching up a bit

So here we are on day two of blogging every day and I figured it's time for a catch up post. Life has been hectic, but that is the norm for us!

Nate's been enjoying his Wednesday night drawing classes. I have been enjoying hanging out over at my parents house with my mom on those nights. This worked out well since this fall my dad agreed to help build sets for my cousin's play at Heights, so he's been gone those evenings too. Mom and I were originally going to use these evenings to start decoupaging again, but so far we've been watching old plays of mine, old Follies videos and this last week we watched the Great Pumpkin and Garfield's Halloween. Maybe this week we'll start up, we'll see how things go.

Saturday of this last weekend we had a mass with Praise Project and then we went out to the North Star Roller Girls first bout of the season. And we dressed in costume. Random people were stopping us and telling us they loved our costumes - we dressed as Garden Gnomes. Super easy costume, but apparently people love it. One stranger even wanted a picture with Nate. It made me laugh.

Sunday we slept in and then Nate got up and started brewing a new batch of beer. He hasn't brewed in awhile and his brew didn't go the greatest, but he managed to do the whole thing anyway. It's going to be called Big Honkin Stout - that was the name the kit came with, no joke. He also started up a batch of apfelvien, which is similar to our cyser if you've had that - it's still apple in flavor, but not quite as sweet. I actually prefer it so I'm pretty excited about this, he said it should be ready by Christmas.

Also on Sunday, my dad came over with the final pieces of the bar - the bottom half - and they installed that real quick. It looks so nice.

Our next project is going to be installing a bathroom fan and also a light over our shower - which should get done in the next couple of weeks. Then we'll take a little time off from projects through the holidays, but believe it or not, we might do some more painting this winter. I know, after all that complaining I did? But we're thinking of painting the dining room and it is a very small amount of wall space, so it would take no time at all.

I chopped my hair again last night - slightly different style again, it seems to keep getting shorter somehow! I don't think I can go much shorter than this though!

Today I am having the cracked windshield in my car fixed finally. Thought it would be good to take care of that before it snows. The rest of our week looks pretty calm for a change and I am totally ok with that! Sometimes you need some downtime and I have been needing it for awhile now.

Finally - to my religious readers - if you have seen in the news this week the story about the missing pilot and his sons in Wyoming - he is the president of the company that our good friend John works at - would you kindly keep him and his family in your prayers? They can use all they can get.

And I think that pretty much catches us up! Phew.


Gina said...

Wow!! What a great catching up post. Love the bottom part of the bar and love your new do!

simplicity said...

New hair looks great and fun costumes! Kudos to you for dressing up! :)