Long overdue update

Ok, so I started this blog MONTHS ago and have not kept up with it at all! I didn't even share the link with anyone after writing that first entry. So, for all of you just tuning in, welcome to our little corner of the internet! My intentions are to keep this updated on at least a weekly basis.

So what has happened since my intended launch of this blog back in February? TONS.

- I left my job as department secretary of Fairview Pharmacy Services for a position as office coordinator at Columbia Park Medical Group. Because Columbia Park was acquired by Fairview earlier this year, this was an internal transfer for me. Which was awesome. It's going relatively well, I work with one of my former co-workers from IC, so that makes me happy as well.

- After 8 months of looking, applying, interviewing like crazy and more or less praying for something good, Nate got a full time permanent position and just started a week ago. He's the Mac specialist at a little company called MasterSwitch IT, which provides tech support to businesses that are too small for their own IT staff. He loves it so far and I couldn't be happier for or more proud of him.

- We have also recently adopted a new little kitty. Some good friends of ours were fostering an adorable cat and we decided, hmm, with Nate's new job maybe Taylor will get lonely, so let's give it a go. It took a few days but they have actually warmed up to each other quite nicely. Never thought we'd be a two cat household, but it's actually kind of fun.

Pippin the Tuxedo Cat

Taylor and her new friend

-This summer Nate and my dad took apart and re-built part of our deck. We wanted to move the stairs from a side entry to a front entry right out into the yard. It turned out far nicer than I could have ever imagined.

-We lost my uncle Jerry to lung cancer in August. It was a tough weekend in Alexandria for the wake and funeral but we know he's in a better place and out of pain.

-My beloved music director stepped down from her full time position at church, at first this was a bit unnerving, but she has stayed on to direct the choir and will be around until someone permanent is hired again. I was also discerned to be a music ministry representative to our church's parish council. This has been an eye opening experience thus far.

-My best friend got married in April and we both participated in the wedding. It was a good time.
On the trolley for Gina and Steve's wedding

I think that about covers it. Right now we are just thrilled to have a double income again and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

As I said above I hope to update this on a weekly basis. Thanks for tuning in!