It's never that simple

So my very kind and wonderfully helpful Dad is helping us put a fan and shower light in our bathroom. These are things I have been wanting very badly ever since we moved into our house so I'm glad it's finally getting done.

The one problem is that simple home projects never turn out to be quite that simple.

The way our light socket and electrical socket was installed previously is a GIANT pain in the behind to remove. My dad said the good news is that it can be done. The bad news...he had to put a large hole in my freshly painted wall in the hallway to do it.

So, I gave him the go ahead because we didn't really have another option. And now I have a square hole in my hallway. Sigh.

Guess there is more painting in this girl's future. Good thing we bought extra cans.


simplicity said...

Ah! Bummer!! But at least you've got extra paint!!

Gina said...

Oh that stinks! Let me know if you want some help to repaint that section depending upon the hole size.