32 and not too blue

So I will admit, I was feeling rather passive about my birthday this year.  I was thinking too much about all I can't do right now - no beer, no sweets, no fun shopping sprees for new clothes - and I wouldn't say I was throwing a pity party, but I was kind of like "eh" about my birthday.

But now that it's here, it hasn't been too bad all things considered.  Saturday Nate and I went to the ICON Showplace theater in St. Louis Park and enjoyed Catching Fire on the big screen in the 21+ VIP section.  It was the best experience, I want to do it again!  Comfy seats, lots of room, we shared a meat and cheese plate and Nate had some really good wine that I snuck a couple of sips of.  And the movie is phenomenal. They have outdone themselves from the first movie even.

Sunday we slept in and Nate made us delicious corned beef hash for breakfast.  We met up with Jes and she took lots of maternity pictures for us out in the frigid cold - but it was nice and sunny at least!  Then we compiled a list of returns for Babies R Us on duplicates we had received and decided to use our completion coupon on our registry for a few final things we wanted.  We came out pretty well all things considered on that!

We had mass with Praise Project late in the day, got stuck with a 6:00 mass at St. Stephens in Anoka, so that turned into a later evening than we usually like for a Sunday, but so it goes.

Today I went and got my free Caribou Coffee birthday drink and because my numbers for GD have been so good and even on the lowish side lately, I treated myself to my usual Vanilla Latte for the first time in weeks. It was heavenly!  The sweet baristas were trying to talk me into a medium, but I'm like, this is already a treat getting a full flavor shot in a small, that's OK.

And now I'm plowing through the workday, we're just laying low at home tonight, but Nate's making one of my favorite dinners.  Tomorrow we'll celebrate with our families.  I've been getting lots of love on Facebook and that always makes me feel good.

So big picture, especially as I look to Thanksgiving and count my blessings - I may be missing some of my favorite things that I like to enjoy around my birthday, but all things considered, it isn't too bad.  32 is going to be a pretty good year I feel too.  I think it will be eventful, but not quite in the same way 31 was!  Feeling my way through parenthood will be much different than being pregnant!  I'm ready though, bring it on!



And once again, I just haven't written as much as I wanted.  I have many things I wanted to write and may still do so if I can, but I guess if I don't get to them they're not as important as I thought right?

This will likely be a random thought post more than anything else.

So, in under a month I'll be someone's mom.  I know so many other moms who have talked about pregnancy going by so slowly, but man, I feel like just yesterday I was having that panic attack on the couch when the line turned pink.

I'm getting annoyed by the questions at this stage. "How are you feeling?"  "Are you nervous?" "Are you ready?" Let's see, I'm slowing down, but feeling decent.  I'm nervous but not scared.  I'm ready but yet I know you're never going to be truly ready.  And I've accepted all of that.

Every day my boss tells me "you've really popped out so much" and "Wow you really are close now."  Tell me things I don't know and also, do you think I'm about to deliver right here and now?  According to the OB at my last appointment just a few days ago - we're not looking at this little guy arriving anytime soon.  He's pretty snug and happy up there right now.

My birthday is next week and I'm feeling rather blase about it.  Yet, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and for what I am able to enjoy of Christmas.

And in things not related to pregnancy - I'm very disappointed in where this season's Glee has gone.  I'm torn about an upcoming special the Muppets are doing for Christmas because it's with Lady Gaga.  My new favorite show is The Crazy Ones - Robin Williams is hilarious.  I'm super excited to go see the new Hunger Games movie this weekend as an early birthday gift for Nate and I.  We're going to the big fancy ICON theatre.  I hear they have a gourmet meat and cheese plate - that sounds way better than popcorn to me!

Biggest mantra right now overall?  One day at a time.  It works people.  I'm not kidding.