Thankful Thursday Week Three

Man time is flying by - it is my third Thankful Thursday post already?

Today's list is short and simple:

1. Having an entire day off from work and having a short week next week

2. Crazy friends who sit in the cold with you for two hours waiting for a CD, friends who talk to you all during the workday so you do not lose your mind, friends who just "get you", friends who are just awesome. I am blessed to have awesome friends.

3. Music. My new Cities Sampler CD. The ability to make music. I love music.

That's it today friends. I've been up since too early and that's the best I can do for much deep thought at this point!


Jes said...

We just get each other ;)

Mrs. Schrader said...

I just want you to know that I have been reading your blog about once a week and just love your Thankful Thursdays.