Walk for Babies - April 26th

Hokay, so somehow I have been strong armed into being the site lead for Fairview Columbia Park's participation in the Walk for Babies through the March of Dimes. I know what you're all saying, doesn't Beth usually hit us up for the Heartwalk instead? While the Heart Association is still near and dear to my heart (no pun intended), we were in desperate need of a site lead at CPMG for the Baby Walk, so guess what, it's me! I'll be throwing all my effort and energy into this walk this year instead of the Heartwalk as they are being held the same weekend.

I'm writing this blog to officially invite all of my friends and family to participate with me! It's a 4 mile walk on Sunday, April 26th starting at Parade Stadium in Minneapolis, in the morning. I'll have more details soon, either on the blog here or through email so check back! For now, if you think you'd be interested in participating please email me and let me know: muppetmusic22@gmail.com



Tough choice

Those who follow my Facebook are already somewhat aware of this but I thought I'd share with our blogging audience as well that Nate and I have made the difficult decision to leave our church. This is something that has been building for quite some time. The community there is not what it once was and it just doesn't feel like a home anymore. I had been waffling on what I wanted to do for a few months now. Things had gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. Finally, some events transpired over last weekend and out of respect for those involved I won't elaborate, but it more or less it made my decision that it is time to move on.

For those who know me, you know what a tough choice this is for me. I am sad about it, but at the same time, I know that this is the healthy thing to do for my sanity and well being. Nate is extremely supportive and is willing to go wherever I want to go. We're in this together and I'm so thankful to have him by my side as we begin a journey of finding a new spiritual "home". I'm excited for new opportunities and I trust that the Lord has much more in store for me, possibly bigger and better things than where I was at now. It is this faith that will keep me going in the days and weeks ahead.

The Follies will be my last event at my current church. I am putting my issues aside and planning to go out and have a really fun time, this show is awesome and has been really fun to put together. After that, I'm putting everything in God's hands and just seeing where things go.

In other news we have many fun things upcoming to look forward to, including some major painting at home that I can't wait to get started! Stay tuned!


The Latest

And in this chapter of the life of Beth and Nate -

Nate finally had his 90 day review at work. They had nothing but positive things to say about him and the work he's done thus far. He's out of the "probationary" period and they say "they definitely made the right choice" in hiring him and he's been assured he has job security.

Beth has transitioned into a new sort of role in her own job, that came with the excitement of her very own cubicle! This may not seem like a huge deal to many, but after being chained to a desk for almost three years, this is actually a step up for her.

Taylor and Pippin the cats continue to amuse and make life interesting for the couple.

What's next? The Follies performances for Beth and some major painting projects at home! Stay tuned!