Instant winter

We woke up to a fresh coating of snow here in MN this morning. More than a coating in fact. It was easily three or four inches at 8:00 am. We were up early to go to a funeral for our dear friend/ director of our music group's father and let me tell you - getting around was interesting. I wanted to hit Caribou before we headed to church and they were only just beginning to plow the parking lot there.

We took Nate's car so we could see how it handled in snow since we bought it late into last spring when the snow was gone. It handles great - but we were nervous about the plow ridges that these guys were leaving. In fact, Nate didn't want to park and risk getting stuck, so he pulled up and I jumped out to get my coffee. As I was coming back out, I stepped off the curb and pretty much sat down. I didn't really fall hard, but slipped enough. Awesome. Did I mention I was wearing a skirt? Then getting back out of the snow was interesting too. Nate didn't even see me, otherwise he would've jumped out to help!

We made to the funeral just fine and were probably at church a little over two hours. As we were leaving, we narrowly missed a downed power line.

Once home, it only took two shoveling sessions to get the driveway cleared, it could have been much worse! It cleared up enough that we then treated ourselves to a nice dinner at Red Lobster to reward our efforts!

I am glad the first storm of the season is out of the way, but man, it has been all or nothing in terms of our weather lately here!

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simplicity said...

Driving was definitely tricky today! Glad you made it around safely! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!