Friday Funnies

My family, like many others I am sure, have several inside jokes. Probably more than several. I don't even really know how many. Most of them relate to some sort of pop culture type thing, be it a movie, TV show or stand up comic. And I realize that they may not make sense or even seem that funny as I list them here, but I'm going to make an attempt at any rate!

We often quote comedian Bill Engvall's early work. Not specificially "here's your sign" but some others. There's a whole routine he does about his son's G.I. Joe toys (which is funny because his son calls them I.G. Joes) and what they would say and one of the things is "No talking, no talking" as they're in a line up - we often times quote the "No talking, no talking" in some situations - even ones that maybe are not the most appropriate!

Countless quotes from the TV show Friends - one of my favorites is from the very first Thanksgiving episodes when Monica and Rachel get locked out of their apartment simply for misunderstanding each other when one of them says "Got the keys?" Pretty soon, leaving the house or a hotel room when on vacation, we'd find ourselves saying "got the keys?" in the same tone Monica used.

Another one from Friends is from an episode when Chandler breaks up with someone and gets somewhat drunk and is talking about where he went and it doesn't make sense, I forget either Monica or Rachel correct him and he says "Yes, that's it. See you and I have always been like this" as he gestures between his head and their head. We do the "You and I have always been like this" thing kind of a lot.

There are so many others that I just can't even begin to list them all. Those are just some of my favorites. Nate and I have a few between just the two of us too that I am pretty sure no one else would ever understand. Same with some of my friends and I. It's those little things that make relationships and connections fun. And that lead to A LOT of laughs. Sometimes we need to take a few minutes to laugh and have fun - keeps us happy and healthy!

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Gina said...

I love ALL of the ones you listed! The Chandler one rings a bell with me and you...LOL. "Shh...no talking, no talking"