Bring it on

I love short weeks, it's awesome that it's already Friday. Next week will be even shorter! And no complaints there either.

Heading into a somewhat busy stretch of time here - but feeling good about it. My blahs from earlier in the week have pretty much gone away. In fact, dare I say it, I'm in a bit of a Christmas type mood even. No I am not decorating tomorrow or starting to listen to carols just yet...but I'm getting more in a holiday mood. I'm ready for Thanksgiving and birthdays and segwaying into that season.

So, instead of wanting to hibernate and hide from it - I instead say BRING IT ON!!!


Gina said...

Glad you are in a better mood about the upcoming hustle and bustle!

Jes said...

John and I bought a Christmas ornament at the sale on Saturday - it was all it took to get me a bit more into the holiday spirit :)