So our running program has hit one of the biggest challenges to date - the early arrival of winter this year. After last night's ice storm we decided it's time to seriously look at indoor options.

We decided to try the New Brighton Community Center's fitness center - it was only $2.00 to try out the track for one day. It was...interesting.

It's more difficult to breathe in the indoor uncirculated air. There's no real good place to stretch before and after. And there was tons of distraction from the children's Eagles Nest play area.

But, it may be what our pocket books best feel they can handle at this point in the game. We'll see how things go, not giving up on it just yet. It might be different on weekdays, you never know.

Right now, my goal is to keep us moving at least somewhat through the winter months - so we'll see how it goes! Challenges to overcome, but we can do it.

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simplicity said...

What about like a Snap Fitness or an Anytime Fitness? I think usually you can use your health insurance discount and it could be pretty cheap, especially if you and Nate went as individuals instead of a couple membership. I just know from the past ours was like $15/month as long as Jeff went the 8 times a month, which would be better than paying $2/time at the community center?
Just an idea...