My Peeps

I am blessed to have an amazing family and friends - here are some that make frequent appearances on my blog.  This is not to say I don't have other special and important people in my life, but these are the folks that are probably the largest part of my life right now.

The hubby - Nate is one half of what makes up this blog really, since he is my husband, my partner in crime and my best friend.  Our marriage is an adventure and I love every minute of the ride!  He pushes me to try new things and is always there to catch me if I fall.  I can't say enough things about this amazing man!

My parents - I am extremely close to my mom and dad, it's the whole "only child" thing and it makes our relationship special and unique.  I am blessed to work close to their house and able to go there for lunches so I can see my mom every day, she jokes about the umbilical cord still being attached, but I need that time just as much as she does.  I'm proud to consider my parents not just my parents, but also my friends.  They are good people.

My in-laws - I am sooooo thankful I actually get along with my in-laws, I know so many people who can't say the same.  They are warm and loving people who have always welcomed me with open arms and I have never once felt like I didn't belong in their family.  Plus, Steve helps with keeping our cars running nicely and Barb taught me to make jam - both things are quite awesome in my book!

Ali - Similarly to Nate's parents, I'm very thankful and lucky to have an awesome sister-in-law and to consider her a friend as well. It helps that I've known and been friends with her as long as I have with Nate. We have had some very crazy times together and I love being able to have the "sister" experience with someone since I didn't grow up with any siblings.

 Gina - I don't know how long I've known Miss Gina now, but I'd say it's been the better part of 20 years or maybe more?  She's one of those people who has just always been there for me, brought me into her family, and is one of those special people who just "gets me".  As my maid of honor she helped make my wedding a wonderful and awesome experience by planning the world's greatest bridal shower and bachlorette party that I'll never forget and I just know no matter how our lives change, we'll always be friends.

Jes and John - I have known Jes almost my entire life.  We met in kindergarten and used to play "house" imagining someday we'd marry guys who would be best friends.  And somehow, that prophecy came true as we both married computer geeks who get along so unbelievably well.  I love that we still live close to one another and can easily meet up for a beer and they in turn have also introduced us to to some pretty awesome people as well. Jes is another person who just "gets me" and she'd give me the shirt off her back if I needed it!  I have John to thank for the fact that Nate's basement bar project finally got off the ground and got finished last year - he gave him the kick in the butt to get it going and I'm so thankful he did and so pleased with how it turned out!!