Music Monday - Life in Technicolor

Today's song update is Life in Technicolor by Coldplay. It takes a second or two for the song to get going so if you don't hear it right away, just wait a few seconds.

There are no words to this song, it is all instrumental. I love the way it builds from a quiet acoustic song to something huge and orchestral by the end. This album came out the summer Nate was out of work and I have to say - this song almost underscores that journey perfectly - the slow quiet beginning is the anticipation when he was interviewing and applying for jobs and then the explosion of sound at the end is the joy and happiness we felt when he finally was hired.

To this day if I need a pick me up or something to put me in a good mood - I find this song on my iPod. It feels a nice fitting choice for early November - we're speeding up towards birthdays and holidays which kind of works with the flow of this song as well!

Plus I just love the title - Life in Technicolor - doesn't life seem like that sometimes? There are special moments that make it feel like seeing color for the first time. I think this song represents those types of feelings pretty well.

I hope it helps spread a little joy on a Monday!


simplicity said...

I'm stealing it! :) I hope you don't mind! I love Cold Play and I have listened to this song 10 times tonight!! :) {on your blog!}

Beth said...

Steal away! I like sharing music on Monday in hopes that people will enjoy and find something new that they like! :)

I tell you Samara, we should swap mix CDs or something sometime our tastes seem so similar!