An epic weekend

So far it has been a birthday/Thanksgiving weekend of epic proportions.

Ok, I'm probably exaggerating a bit.

But it has been a good weekend. We kicked it off on Wednesday evening with dinner for the two of us at the Sample Room - we had a lovely time there, it was really quite nice.

Thursday I had my free Caribou birthday drink in the morning with my parents, baked an apple pie with my mom and then headed to Nate's grandparents to celebrate Thanksgiving with them as per our tradition. We headed home around 8:00 and watched a couple of shows before bed.

Friday we slept in. It felt so good! Then we had breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast stops - Stabby's Cafe in Minneapolis. Odd name, great food. After that we headed home, I did a massive cleaning and then transformed the house into Christmas at the Kondricks. I love that I could take the whole afternoon to do that!

We had a light dinner and then played some Beatles Rockband (Nate's b-day gift to me) while we waited for our families to arrive to celebrate our birthdays. We then had a great time with them having cake, opening presents and playing the game Linkity.

Today I got up, met the parents at Caribou once again and then mom and I did a little shopping. Tried to start my Christmas shopping but was somewhat unsuccessful. I have plenty of time and ideas though. Did get some good deals at Clothes Mentor (of course) and also made it to Lush today too.

Tonight we have rehearsal with Praise Project and then mass tomorrow morning and then we're going to India Palace for my father-in-law's birthday brunch. The fun doesn't stop!

But seriously, I love weekends like this!

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Gina said...

Sounds like you have been having a great weekend!!!