Just a few rambles today, nothing terribly specific.

On my way into work today I drove past a young girl not wearing a jacket. She looked to be middle school aged. And it was cold this morning. Too cold to be walking to school without a jacket on anyway, at least in my opinion! That is how you get sick.

Speaking of getting sick, I got a flu shot yesterday so I will not be getting sick hopefully anytime soon! It was strange, instead of getting a sore arm afterward it was more a tingly sensation as if my arm was asleep or something. Others have described that reaction to the shot this year too though so I guess it's not that weird.

My dad is going to help us install a bathroom fan this weekend. I am stupidly excited over this. Right now, if we take showers back to back it ends up so foggy in the bathroom that I can't see in the mirror to style my hair and put on makeup. I am so sick of that! Plus the whole bathroom just always feels sort of damp to me, like it never dries out. So a fan is going to make such a difference for that! Also, we're going to put a light over the shower as well, I feel like it is so dark in there and while Nate doesn't mind and actually prefers showering in the dark (weirdo) I need the light! It helps me wake up more in the morning too.

Nate and I finally bit the bullet and officially joined a church. While we travel between three churches with Praise Project, I wanted us to have our names actually registered somewhere. I just wanted to wait until the Archdiocese reorganization announcement was complete. So we have joined St. Williams. I think of it as the home base, it was the first place we went after leaving IC and I felt comfortable there right away. The community is warm and welcoming and I think it's a good fit for us.

That's it for today. Not super exciting, but life is quiet right at this moment. And that is perfectly ok!


Gina said...

Yay on going a parish! Steve and I joined St. Raphael's offically in September and I'm so glad that we have. They have been so warm and welcoming to us as new parishoners!

Gina said...

Whoops...apparently I typed too fast without proof reading. That should be joining not going. Sorry!

simplicity said...

Happy Friday!!

Cyndy said...

St. Williams is the church I grew up in! I am glad you have found a spiritual home. I hope Mike and I find one soon.