Music Monday - Straight To You

For today's Music Monday I am choosing a track off of Josh Groban's newest CD "Illuminations" called Straight To You.

It's actually a cover of a group Nate is a fan of called Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. And it is beautiful cover of their song. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Josh Groban could sing the phone book, but seriously, it's lovely and possibly what I think is the best track off of his new CD and strangely, the last track on the CD.

I think it makes a nice love song and it makes me think of Nate - both because of the words and also because it was originally done by a band he likes. And since it is both of our birthdays this week I thought it was a fitting choice.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcaZncMG0xw I am sure you'll find it as captivating as I do.

"Straight to you, I'll go running"

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Jes said...

That is so sweet!