Some updates

I had my 16 week OB appointment yesterday.  Everything is looking great.  We set up our 20 week scan and appointment for July 24th - and we'll finally get to find out boy or girl!  I can't wait.  Four more weeks.  It seems like a long time, but time has been flying by pretty fast these days.  And we have our wonderful Itasca trip to break up the month so I think that will be a wonderful distraction!

We're a little behind where I'd like to be with stuff at home, but the storms over the weekend kind of put a wrench in stuff.  We did take in some water again - blah.  After purchasing the THIRD dehumidifier we've owned since being in this house, we finally have things dried out again.  We'll be addressing the area of the lawn that keeps causing this problem very soon I think.

Our final golf session is this weekend.  Not going to lie - I'm glad.  I'm just not feeling golf this year and it has nothing to do with being pregnant, I am just finding my interest in it waning just a bit.  I'm thrilled that Nate loves it now and I hope he'll get a chance to go with my dad a few times because it's a good activity for them to do together.

We're slowly moving forward on Project:Replace Front Window.  Final measurements are being taken this week and then we'll order it.  We may have to wait a bit for installation yet, but at least the wheels are in motion.

Nate bought us a rug for the baby's room at a garage sale.  It's really a nice one.  We'll be spending some time in July getting ready for our own garage sale finally.  And then I can start really working on that room come August which is awesome.  I'm feeling a little less panicked about all of this stuff anyway.

Nate also brewed his first batch of beer in quite awhile this past weekend.  It is a clone of a beer called Zombie Dust.  We can't get that beer in Minnesota, but he got some on his Chicago trip.  We are still planning our annual Oktoberfest.  Not going to let being pregnant stop us from having a little fun, especially one last big hurrah before the baby comes.  I am hoping to hold said event in earlier October this year, maybe even late September, but it'll depend on how much beer Nate gets brewed and ready and when.

So, that's where we're at.  Kind of going one day at a time and feeling good.  Just enjoying where we are in the moment.  Sometimes that is all you can do!



So yesterday ended up being just what the doctor ordered.  I was required to report for Jury Duty, which at first I thought was going to be just awful, but then kind of came to terms with it.  Got to the courthouse, went through the orientation, hung out in our waiting area.  Then the Judge comes in and says "well, sometimes just the act of bringing you folks in is enough to get both parties to settle."  So we were free to go for the day.  At only 9:45 am.  I had arranged to be away from work for the whole day, so guess what I did?

I had a Me Party.

I stopped at TJ Maxx in Riverdale to see if they had any good maternity clothing - yeah that was a joke.  There was a Motherhood Maternity store near TJ Maxx but I resisted the urge to go in there - I knew everything would be expensive and I'm trying not to break my budget on this pregnancy.  Then I remembered there was a new Savers that had opened near Northtown.  So I swung over there.

I had a hard time finding their maternity section, so at first I looked at some size large drapey type shirts.  And then I found the rack.  Motherload, literally, ha!  I bought capris and four more shirts.  And only spent about $20.  Not bad at all.

Headed to my mom's to show her what I bought and also to eat her food, since that is what I'd have done for lunch on a normal workday!  My aunt Michelle came and gave me a present - cute little onesie that says "Established in 2013".  Second baby gift we've received and it's way cute.

Went home then and caught up on laundry (so exciting I know) and then played an hour's worth of Mario Party on the Wii, because I'm a giant nerd and have been in the mood to play it for quite a while.  I decided to head upstairs and considered going on a second walk for the day because the sun was out, but then got caught up on something on my phone and then the sun went away...and then I took a nap.  Darn that comfy living room couch that just sucks me in!

After that, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, put away some more laundry and waited for Nate to come home.  He grilled us some delicious juicy lucy's for dinner and we watched a bunch of fluff TV.  Oh and in the midst of all that I called the jury line after 4:30 as I was instructed and learned I would not have to go in again today.

So anyway, I am so glad that I ended up with a day like that.  I think I just really needed it.  As I've said before, I'm soooo unbelievably blessed to be feeling physically quite good with this pregnancy, but emotionally there have been some tough days.  I think it's because right now our June is just so crazy packed with stuff.  Nate even said it yesterday morning, we really don't have a weekend at all this month.  Part of that is kind of our own fault, we shouldn't have signed up for golf lessons with a jammed packed June.  Fortunately, July is going to be fantastic.  We have an entire month off from Praise Project - and while I love and am so fulfilled by being a part of that group, I just need a break.  And then we have a week vacation in the middle of July and we'll be spending most of it in Itasca with Nate's family again.  I do want to have our garage sale at the end of July, but just having a bit freer of a schedule, especially on weekends, I think it will be do-able and far less stressful.

August isn't looking terribly bad either.  So really we just have to get through the rest of this month and then I think we'll really start enjoying summer - that is if summer ever really gets here!  At any rate, I think after having my day yesterday, I can survive the rest of this month.  Happy mama=happy baby.



I'm having one of those days.  "One of those days" before I was pregnant could usually be remedied with a beer and a burger after work. Obviously that is not the case anymore.  And having "one of those days" with extra hormones attached is not the most fun either.

I'm tired, I'm stressed, I'm grouchy.

But then when I get home and I go to the fridge to get a non-alcoholic something or another to quench my thirst or try to replace the beer with and I see our ultrasound on the door from our 12 1/2 week scan and it makes all the yuckies go away.

I can't wait to get home tonight so I can be reminded once again why this is all worth it.  I need that little picture today.


May recap

May ended up being a more exciting month than April.  April we were keeping very quiet about our baby news since we didn't know how far along we were and I didn't see the OB until May 1st.  In May however we got an ultrasound, heard the heartbeat and slowly started sharing our news.  We told our families on Mother's Day and I wouldn't have it any other way - the excitement all around made it the best day ever.

I was starting to feel more like myself again too, so we started getting back into our routine of going out every now and then and doing fun things.  Nate also took a short trip to Chicago with his beer group, a trip I am still super jealous of and hope we can duplicate someday even if we have our tiny person tagging along.

So, here's my May recap:

Books read:
Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
Notes from the Underbelly by Risa Green

Movies watched at home:
Safety Not Guaranteed
One For The Money
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Movies watched in the theatre:
Still none

On TV:
Veronica Mars
The Sopranos
The Goodwin Games
Family Tools
Finished Parks and Rec (still sad about this, can't wait for the next season)

3 Squares
The Village Pub
Burger Jones
Red Lobster

Did some Clothes Mentor Memorial Day shopping at a buy one, get one 50% off sale - snagged a few maternity tops and pants.  My clothes still mostly fit, but are starting to get snug, so it's just a matter of time.