Just because

So last Saturday, we had attempted to make some plans with friends and it fell through. In fact, we had gone through several different plans all of which did not come to fruition. Upon realizing this late Friday night, that we would have a Saturday night free, Nate said "I have an idea" but didn't say anymore and we went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and he told me "you have to be home today by 5:00. I have reservations somewhere at 5:30 and you have to dress nice" That was all the more he would tell me.

So I went about my errands for the day just positively giddy at a surprise night out wondering about where we'd be going. I got home with plenty of time to get all dolled up and we set out on our date.

He took me to Jax Cafe. It was such a nice treat! He told me "I want you to order whatever you want. I wanted to do something nice for you since we haven't been able to for so long." So I had a pork chop, salad, glass of wine and we shared the Baileys Chocolate Cream Cake for dessert. It was wonderful.

It was so nice to be able to do something like this just because. We didn't have anything special to celebrate other than just the day to day of being us. But you know what? That's ok. Sometimes you just need a treat!


The thing about marriage

Is that you share everything. One week ago I was struck with a flu like bug that kept me out of work for a day. Tuesday of this week it was Nate's turn. I sure hope we don't keep passing it back and forth in a vicious circle! Here's hoping we stay healthy!


Coming Soon!

We are just six weeks from this year's IC Follies show!

This year's theme is Color By Numbers (Songs with colors or numbers in the title).

The show is Friday and Saturday, February 20th and 21st at 7:30 pm (doors open 7 pm) and Sunday, February 22nd at 2:00 pm (doors open 1:30 pm) at Immaculate Conception Church in Columbia Heights.

Tickets are still $12.50 and include a drink and decadent dessert!

Some songs you will be able to see Beth sing along with her parents and other pseudo family members - When I'm 64, Fields of Gold, Red Rubber Ball, The Minute Waltz, I'm Gonna Be (5000 Miles), One Fine Day and much more.

Tickets available for sale soon, but feel free to email Beth now to have her reserve your seat! Remember you must pre-order tickets, they will not be available at the door. Hope some of you can make it!



Happy 2009 to all of our blog readers!

My New Years resolution? Hopefully update this more frequently! And maybe even get Nate to write a little something. :)

We rang in the New Year by celebrating at two different parties, we had a great time.

We hope 2009 is a great year for all of you!