See you in September

Well then. I don't know how it happened, but I blinked once and now August is gone. Finished. Finito. And along with it, summer is wrapping up and winding down.

It's no secret that Fall is my favorite season as anyone who's read my blog for the last couple of years will know. But this year it feels like it got here SO. FAST. I don't need to go back and repeat those unbearably hot days, but I'd take just a little more summer. More hours of daylight to sit outside with friends. One more chance to go swimming. Get ice cream.

Maybe the problem is there was no happy medium this year. It was cool and wet in the beginning and we were wondering if summer would ever get here and then suddenly we were launched into "omgitissohotiamgoingtomelt" type heat.

Or maybe it's that 2011 overall has felt like it has been on crazy fast forward. Though as of late it does feel like things are relaxing a bit more and calming down. Back to a "Taking each day as it comes" pace of life.

No, summer is not "officially" over today. There is still plenty of time for summer type activities. But it is definitely on the downward slope. Kids are going back to school. The State Fair is coming to a close this weekend. Labor Day is almost here. Stores are already stocking Halloween items.

I have no regrets about this summer - early on I made no real "list" and I'm glad, because I think I would have ended up disappointed if I had. Best things I did this summer? The Josh Groban concert with my mom and our St. Louis trip (even with it's ups and downs) were my favorite moments. Worst things that happened this summer? Water issues in the basement and dealing with the air conditioner breaking down. Getting an infected ear piercing and having to have it removed. Definitely not fun things for sure.

We've managed to keep on the running train, we hit 30 minutes earlier this summer and are working back to that point again as we work to improve our "speed". We grilled a TON, even with the hot weather. We ate outside when we could. And we've been brewing more beer again to be ready for Oktoberfest.

So really, I have no complaints, only that I wish some of the time hadn't flown by so fast. Looking ahead, I have fun plans for this Fall - so I really hope that we have great weather and that time slows down just a bit and we can enjoy it. There is potential for the next month or two to be some of the best times of the year so far!

Happy September!

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