What do we watch 2011

So, I need a fun, mindless post after my "heavier" one yesterday in the Just Write activity.

And what is more mindless than TV???

Yes it is that time of year again when the shows return with new episodes and brand new series also make their debut.  And while we have a long, long list of shows we already watch or are in process of catching up on via Netflix (Qwikflix?  Whatever it's called now) - we've already found a new show or two we'd like to try out this year.

SO, here's my annual, what do we watch list?  I'll try and break it down via night of the week, even though we rarely watch these shows as they air.

Sunday - Breaking Bad (AMC, though there are only three episodes left of this one), Hung (HBO)

Monday - How I Met Your Mother(CBS), Two Broke Girls (CBS - trying it out anyway) House (Fox), Bored to Death (HBO)

Tuesday - Glee (Fox), Parenthood (NBC), New Girl (Fox)

Wednesday - Up All Night (NBC), Psych (USA), Happy Endings (ABC)

Thursday - Community (NBC), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

Friday - Chuck (NBC)

And then we've been making our way through Mad Men (AMC), Covert Affairs (USA), Dexter (Showtime) and we're going to start Boardwalk Empire (HBO) as well.  We enjoy a couple of shows that come on in the winter on Showtime - Shameless and Californication.

Yeah, you'd think all we do is sit in front of the TV based on this list, but I swear we don't.  Especially when I look at my calendar for the next couple of weeks....ugg.

We squeeze the shows in as we have time, the perk of not watching them live is we skip commercials.  1/2 hour shows become 20 minutes and hour long shows become about 45 minutes.  No joke.

So - what do you watch?


simplicity said...

Parenthood, The Good Wife, Greys Anatomy

Private Practice (if it comes back?!?? Feel like I haven't heard on that one)

And going to try Up All Night tonight!

Gina said...

HIMYM, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, Up All Night, Glee, Modern Family, Body of Proof. I love when all the shows come back!

Julie said...

The Sing-Off.
The New Girl (funny!)
Two Broke Girls...I think I missed the season premier though...I'll have to Hulu it.

jen said...

we DVR mostly...but I'm a Glee watcher too as well as Psych, Modern Family, and I have caught a couple episodes of Parenthood and the new one Up All Night. :) ps. next time (if there is one) that you're in Pequot Lakes let me know! I'm just down the road in Brainerd!