The great MN get together

Yesterday we spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair. We found out kind of last minute on Friday that Nate had yesterday approved off, but I am so thankful that he actually did get the day. The Fair has always been something special the two of us do every year and has been a tradition from the first year we were dating and we haven't missed one yet. I was laughing with him yesterday in fact that I think I have now been to the Fair more times than either of my parents ever have. It's just never been something that they were into much and there's nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of people who are just not into the Fair. But for Nate and I, it's just something we can't miss each year.

We have kind of a pattern of how we like to do things at the Fair and have just figured out what works best for us. We eat plenty, but actually, that isn't even the biggest part of the whole shebang for us anymore. We like seeing different things and people watching too.

Yesterday was no different. We got going nice and early and it was a good thing too since our usual favorite park and ride spot was all full up and we had to find a different one! I was panicked at first, but we found a good lot just a little further away. It took just a few extra minutes to get to the Fairgrounds, but it ended up working out pretty well.

Once on grounds we sought out some coffee for me and started with our favorite breakfast crepe from the French Crepe place and then kind of planned out our day. We visited Heritage Square where Nate bought a new wallet, we visited the sheep, chickens and roosters, we stopped by the MPR booth, we tried out some of the new craft beer that is available this year at the Fair and then we hit up some of our favorite things like the Skyride and the Art building. Of course we had cheese curds, can't come to the Fair and not have cheese curds!

It did rain a bit, but I think it kept the crowds down and it was quite enjoyable in that respect! We were gone by 3:00 and went home and pretty much crashed! All in all it was a great day. Below are a few picture highlights.

Crazy rooster - you think you had a bad hair day?

Our craft beer flight

I'm drinking before noon! (It was 11:55)

Nate with one of our beers


Gina said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun day! Glad you were able to keep up with tradition and get to the fair still! Thanks for the picture of the cheese curds yesterday. :)

Jes said...

I love the rooster photo!