Fabulous Friday - 9/2/11

It's Friday my friends!  And while I had a bit of a tough start to my morning today and coffee is appreciated on a new level, I am still celebrating Fabulous Friday! The weekend is almost here, so let's start it on a positive note!  Here is what I am finding Fabulous this week:

1. Iced Lattes - it's coffee, it's cold and wet and well, it's just what I needed today.  And my beloved Caribou makes a good one.  I never really appreciated them until this year, but when it got so hot, I found that I really like them a lot.  Just as much as I do when they are warm.

2. Summit Silver Anniversary Ale - I promise there won't be something alcohol related on this blog every week, seriously.  But this one is special. Summit is celebrating 25 years and made a special beer for it.  We had tried to find it at the State Fair because it was supposed to be on tap there, but we didn't find it.  On our way home from the Fair, we decided to stop by the liquor store by us that tends to have a lot of different kinds of beer.  They had a slot for the Silver Anniversary one, but it was sold out.  So we just said, oh well, maybe we'll get it at a restaurant sometime or something.  Then on Wednesday I was stopping at a different liquor store for a bag of ice (ice is super cheap at the liquor store) and decided, oh I'll just see if they have it even though this particular store doesn't have a great beer selection.  Low and behold, there it was.  We gave it a taste, it's not too bad.  Kind of a cross between Summit's EPA and their IPA.

3. Paris Amour - the newest scent from Bath and Body Works.  I hadn't been as in to Bath and Body as of late, but stopped in to check out this scent because it sounded like something that would appeal to me.  And it is really lovely.  I don't know how I would explain it, but it's a nice light girly kind of scent and it is pretty long lasting, I like that about it.

4. Partylite tealight sale - thanks to Miss Gina being a Partylite consultant, I can order stuff even when I don't want to have a party, and I had a gift certificate back from the party I had at the beginning of the year and Partylite had an online special where tealights were discounted.  I pretty much mostly burn tealights, so I took advantage and stocked up on all my favorite fall scents.  I love a good deal!

5. Three Day Weekends - Nate and I both really need this long weekend, I am really looking forward to it, you just can't go wrong with a long weekend.

And on that note, I bid you farewell for today!  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Gina said...

Glad I can help you out with the candles! Anytime you need anything you know where you can find me :)Have a great weekend!