One moment at a time

As I've been mentioning here occasionally, we've been in a season of craziness in our house.  And I don't know how to say it without it seeming negative because it isn't - but Nate and I really needed some time to focus on each other and spend some time just the two of us for a bit.  So again, this is no offense to any of our friends, family or fellow Praise Project members, but I am so glad he and I finally had some much needed couple time this weekend.  And I hope that we can continue to make sure we're fitting that in because while all those other things are certainly very important to us too, we have a tendency to get into a pattern where we are neglecting each other and that's not good or healthy either.  Again it's all about balance and we're working on a better balance.  Looking ahead to this week - well it's not quite balanced right but it should be the last week like that for awhile fortunately.

So anyway, back to our couple time this weekend, you may ask, what did we do with our time together?  On Saturday we had dinner out at a restaurant we haven't been in a very long time, Clauddaugh in Maple Grove.  It was wonderful, we both really enjoyed our meals and it was quite relaxing.  We went home and played some backgammon and then watched some TV shows.

Sunday we slept in - wow did that feel good!  Nate made us some wonderful breakfast and we took our time eating and enjoying each other's company.  Then we decided to head off to the Como Zoo.  We haven't been there for awhile and it's always had a special place in my heart because that is where we got engaged.  I was worried when we first got to the Como Park area because the parking lots were full and there was some walk going on, but then we found out that they have free shuttle service on the weekends from the Saints baseball stadium.  Hardly anyone was using that service either so we were able to park with no problem and take a little ride on a bus back up to the zoo.

Some highlights from our zoo visit:

Baby Orangutan and it's mother

Under the "date" tree in the Conservatory

The Japanese Garden - so peaceful and serene

Me in the Japanese Garden

I'm so glad we took some time to spend out there.  We got to see the visiting Brown Bears from the Minot, North Dakota zoo as well, they weren't terribly photogenic however.

After our zoo trip we went home to veg for a bit before heading over to my in-laws for dinner, we had yummy ribs and potatoes with them.  Went back home and Nate was a nice guy and helped me move our Elliptical machine up into the spare bedroom.  Right now our running/walking program is kind of on hold, so I need a form of exercise and was tired of working out in the dungeon that is my laundry room, so we're going to try it upstairs for awhile.  We will see how it goes, it is taking up more room that I'd like, but it was nice this morning when I was using it, so hopefully it'll last.

And now we're into a crazy week, but I'm choosing to go one moment at a time and I think we'll get through it all!

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Gina said...

Looks like you guys had a blast at the zoo! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. I agree with you on taking time to spend with your spouse just the two of you to reconnect.