Fabulous Friday 9/23/11

Whew, we've made it to Friday again.  It's been a week at times.  Honestly, I'm just in a season of craziness, but I'm working on some changes and re-focusing on what's important and things are starting to improve.  In the midst of it all though, I still have some Fabulous things for the week!

1. Returning shows - as I touched on in my post here, many of our favorite shows started returning this week and it's been nice to have some mindless ways to relax and unwind once again!

2. A new bag - yeah, I have a problem, I can admit it.  But up in Pequot Lakes last week I found out that Fun Sisters has an OUTLET store up there.  They call it "Thrifty Sisters" and prices are wayyyy low on stuff.  I have been wanting a dark green bag, because one of my winter coats has a dark green in the pattern (and I wear a dark green hat and scarf with it as well) and I found one!  And it was a great price.  And yes I'm using it now even if it isn't winter yet.  You know me, I'll be back to a different bag in a couple of days.

3. Brewed Beer - we got the last beer we needed to brew before Oktoberfest done on Monday night.  It's so nice to have that finished, now we get the batches kegged up and focus on other things to get ready for the party.

4. FALL! - it is officially Fall today, it is my favorite season as I've mentioned many a time before!  I have been loving the weather as of late too, especially sleeping with the window open on these cool nights and snuggling down under the covers.  Love. It.  I know they say we'll have "Indian Summer" next week and that's fine as long as the 90's don't come back, I can handle it!

And I am also finding it Fabulous that it is Friday, but that kind of goes without saying. :)

Happy Friday, Happy Autumn and Happy Weekend!