Just Write - Hats

This is a new exercise I'm trying out this week called "Just Write".  On Tuesdays, bloggers are encouraged to "free write" a post without much explanation or editing. In other words, we should "just write".  This is sponsored by Heather of the Extraordinary-Ordinary.  Go here for more information and to read other "Just Write" posts. 

I wear many hats.

I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a "sister". I am a friend. I am a singer. I am an administrative assistant. I'm a "parent" to two furry four legged type children.

I love wearing those hats.  But sometimes, especially when I try to pile them all on at once, I get off balance.  And I will admit to being off balance right now.

Fall is my favorite time of year, but historically it gets full of stuff.  I think because I love this time of year so much, I try to cram a lot of things in at once.  While wearing all of my hats.

So I'm stumbling a little right now as I balance these hats.  And clearly, some of these hats are probably a little more important than the others and should be the ones I'm wearing the most, but some days it's hard to pick and choose.  But I don't want any of the hats to break down, wear out, or fall apart.

I need to re-organize a bit.  Pull them all off.  Set them aside and make sure I'm still underneath them all.   Underneath them should be a person.  And I certainly don't want to lose site of her.

Then I can pull my hats back on.  Without them my head would most certainly be cold, so I cannot get rid of them, I would not want to.  But I can work on balancing them better.  Then I will not fall down.


simplicity said...

Good analogy Beth! I like it!!

Gina said...

Love the post! It's great!

Jes said...

{{hugs}} You are awesome at everything you do. I know I'm biased, but you are awesome at wearing the "friend" hat :)