Sleepytime blues

Sleep has been a challenge in our house lately.  If Nate's sleeping poorly, then I'm sleeping well.  If Nate is sleeping well, I'm sleeping poorly.  We're just not in sync right now.

For him, it's kind of stress related since he has been very busy at work.  For me it's likely hormonal (sorry male readers, I'm a girl, deal with it) but also, even if it's chilly outside, we don't always get a breeze blowing that nice cool air in the house, so sometimes I get overly warm at night even when the windows are open.

So, this has kind of been affecting our getting up and walking/running and we decided that maybe we should set two alarms - one for getting up to exercise if we're up to it, but another "backup" just in case one of us was not sleeping well.  Last night was the first night we put this into practice.

And last night was one of the nights that Nate was sleeping pretty well, but I got very warm, so I know I was awake for a little bit. I had just fallen asleep again pretty well when my alarm went off.  And my alarm is the backup alarm.  We both sat up in panic because that meant Nate's alarm either never went off or we slept through it.  And then Nate looked at his clock...it was only 5:15.  Not 6:15.  But my clock said 6:15....

Yep, when I set my alarm last night, I must have bumped the actual clock.  And set it an hour ahead.  Oops.

Where's my coffee again?

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