This too shall pass

So I've shared my thoughts on the day before 9/11 and the day of 9/11.  And now I'll wrap things up by touching on the days and weeks that followed.

In classes at school we continued talking about not just the actual day, but the politics and actions taken by the government in the days following.  It was probably a good month before it wasn't a hot button topic in classes.  I was relieved when we kind of stopped discussing it.  I was happy to get back to math equations and in depth music history subjects.

I remember the first Friday after the attack, Nate and I were tired of watching the constant coverage on TV and just needed to do something normal, so we went to a movie.  The movie we chose was Rat Race (a remake of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World).  There were maybe two other people in this particular theatre with us and the entire theatre overall seemed pretty deserted.  Rat Race is a comedy - and it's a good comedy. If you've never seen it you should, but that's besides the point.  We ended up laughing so much.  At first it was like, should we be laughing right now?  Is this ok?  But you can't NOT laugh at that movie.  And we both felt a little better when we left the theatre that night.

Psychologically speaking, I was a little freaked out for awhile.  For the first few weeks after the attack I had this desire to be plugged in all the time so to speak to the media - so I wouldn't let myself listen to a CD in the car on the way to school.  Granted I didn't necessarily choose a talk station, but I felt connected even if I just had a music channel on the radio.  I would also get snaky if I missed the evening news.  If something was going to happen again, I wanted to know right away.

Gradually, that all got better - especially after the television stations started airing normal programming again.  And each passing day, week, month and finally year got better and better.  I heeded the words the President said, that we shouldn't let them win by living in fear.  I still moved to campus the year after the attacks - it was comforting staying at home with my parents in such uncertain times, but I had wanted to make that move for a long time and I still went ahead and did it and I am so glad I did.

And now today, 10 years later, I do have lasting memories of that time, I do sometimes feel like it was yesterday, but for the most part, life has gone on and I don't dwell on it.  And I believe good can come out of evil.  I believed it then and I still believe it now.

Most years I only pause for a moment or two to remember and honor those lost and the heroes who saved lives.  But seeing as it was a major anniversary this year, I wanted to share my thoughts a little more in depth.  I have enjoyed reading other friends posts on this subject as well.  May we all never forget.

Dona Nobis Pacem.

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