Fabulous Friday - 9/9/11

Greetings!  We have made it to Friday again!  Hallelujah!  For a short week, this sure felt like a long one at times.  I'm looking forward to the weekend!

So being that it is Friday, it's time for another one of my editions of Fabulous Friday!  Here is what I'm finding fabulous this week:

1. Nate's chili - he made it for the first time ever yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic!  I'm so glad it's the time of year where we can start to enjoy more warm meals like that!

2. Beautiful weather - man, these last few days have been gorgeous and I hear it's extending into the weekend as well.  I know we probably need some rain, but I've been liking the dry weather!  I hear we're going to have some of the most brilliant fall color this year too, the most we've had in the last ten years maybe?  That would be awesome!

3. B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful Shower Gel - from the fabulous folks at LUSH, this is a "honey" based shower gel, which they do have several others that are honey based, this one mellows into a lovely warm scent on my skin and actually sticks with me.  I really am glad I ordered a limited edition bottle of it!

4. Thrift store deals - two thrift stores near me discount items on major holiday like Labor Day - 50% discount that is, so while you're already getting a good deal because you're at a thrift store, it's doubly good on sale days!  I found a shirt on my shopping trip on Monday that still had the tags on!  Wow!

Ok, I didn't get to five today, but at least I had some!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  On a slightly more serious note, over the next couple of days I have some posts I've written reflecting on the ten year anniversary of 9/11.  The world we live in was forever changed that day and I know I'll never forget it, but felt compelled to write some things about my thoughts during that time - so look for my reflections starting tomorrow.  I don't plan to dwell on it over the weekend, but I will be thinking and remembering just a bit.

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