Anyone else ever notice that three day weekends go by faster than we would like them to?  Man alive.  It was a good one though.  I'm still smiling.  There was wine, beer brewing, ice cream, thrift shopping, barbeques...just a good weekend overall.

Looking ahead to September and October makes me smile even more.  Historically, these two months end up jammed packed with stuff for us and I don't think this year will be any exception, but for the most part, it is all stuff I am really looking forward to.  Jewelry party, a cabin weekend, a friend's wedding, family golf tournament, and this little thing at our house called "Oktoberfest"...it's going to be a wonderful stretch of good things.

So, as you can see I'm starting my week on a positive note and I'm hoping to make it last.  Spreading happy vibes to all!

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Jes said...

<3 I loved the events of our long weekend :)