Tuesday Top Ten: Desserts

Looking ahead to both Thanksgiving and Christmas I think about all the yummy desserts that I hope to sample here and there. Plus who just doesn't love dessert anyway? So, I thought I'd do an easy and quick top ten today on my favorite desserts of all time.

10. My mom's hot fudge cake - it's not your average chocolate cake, there is vanilla and hot fudge swirled in making cakey goodness that melts in your mouth

9. Chocolate mousse - I don't want it all the time because it is usually quite rich and indulgent, but I like a good one every now and then!

8. Ali's cheesecake - she makes it sans real cream cheese because of her dairy allergy but I have to tell you, I am really starting to prefer it with the fake stuff! We usually top it with berries and it is quite delicious!

7. Oreo pie - I love Oreo pie from Baker's Square. This is a memory I have from the first years Nate and I were dating, late nights at Baker's Square after a movie and a slice of Oreo pie. Sadly, I don't get to enjoy this treat as often anymore as we don't have a Baker's Square real close to us, but it's still a favorite!

6. Brownies - Whether my mom's homemade ones, or the boxed ones from Giradelli, Trader Joes or Pillsbury, a good, gooey brownie and a glass of milk is a lovely treat!

5. Chocolate chip cookies - again, I prefer my mom's on this, but there are few others out there that are also pretty good. And it's just so classic.

4. Bailey's Chocolate Cream Cake from Jax. If you've been there and had this, you understand. Enough said.

3. Christmas cookies - too many to list, but most are wonderful and indulgent and not something you want year round, but a perfect treat at the holiday season. Cream wafers, Chocolate Chip Teacakes, and Thumbprints are some of my favorites.

2. Apple pie/apple crisp - it's a tie here, my mom has a great recipe for both and I look forward to Fall every year for the simple fact that I'll get to enjoy these goodies here and there for several months

1. Tiramasu - it used to be the best at Buca di Beppo, but they changed their recipe. I now really enjoy the tiramasu from Donatelli's. We have on more than one occasion indulged in "birthday" tiramasu instead of cake. I just love tiramasu!!

Now I've probably made everyone hungry. Including myself!!

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Gina said...

Oh my gosh...you've made so hungry with this list...I want to go on a baking frenzy now. My ultimate favorite christmas cookie is Sprtiz. So yummy in my tummy. Anyway...another great list you have :)