If it ain't broke...

It's no secret my family and I are big fans of a local coffee company with shops all over the Metro area. I've expressed my love time and again on this blog and have named them by name, but I am choosing not to do so in this post because I'm going to speak a little more unfavorably about them.

Our beloved coffee shop has changed the way they brew my dad's number one favorite drink - the mocha. Now, they advertised this change for a few days before and then just jumped right on in. I gave it a try even though I usually do a vanilla latte, I actually tried the new style drink. Basically, they've made a major change in how they do the chocolate in a mocha or other chocolate based drink. You can have milk, dark or white chocolate. I tried the dark.

I felt it was very rich, kind of indulgent tasting, and would definitely not be something I would drink every day. I wanted to give it a chance and tried to stay positive that this would not be a bad thing. In fact, my Facebook post was very positive about it and I was even telling people to give it a try. But, something was nagging me in the back of my head about it. I worried about my dad and his mochas.

My dad is not so sure yet what he thinks about the drinks. He is now having to work with the baristas each day he goes in to try and tweak it so the amount of chocolate to coffee is just right. It shouldn't have to be quite like that. I tasted both his mocha and my mom's hot chocolate and I have decided it is just TOO much. And that's coming from someone who really likes chocolate.

I guess today he got it a little closer to the old style. I have been reading the comments on their Facebook page and they are less than favorable. I just wonder if they test marketed this first. The baristas told us people are coming in and getting mad.

So my question is - why did they really need to mess with what worked? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I just hope that my family and I can continue enjoying to go there together, we'll have to see how things go. Right now I'm thankful I'm more of a vanilla fan!


simplicity said...

The same thing happened when they changed their chai four years ago or so. It had been SO good before and then they started carrying a new chai tea, I was never a fan and lots of people complained and didn't like it. I agree, why fix what's not broken.

seonlanderson said...

I am with your dad on this one. Mocha is my drink, I went half dark choc and that was bad. Reverted to the milk choc, the white is way too sweet. The local company is no longer local, they were bought out over a year ago by an investment company. Looks like your dad & I need to learn how to make this tasty treat on our own.