Duluth memories

As you are reading this post, Nate and I are enjoying some quality time away - but it's NaBloPoMo, so I have to post something and thanks to some help from my friend S, I learned out to schedule my post ahead of time!

So we'll be in Duluth which is quite possibly my favorite city in the entire state of MN. I have memories of going up, mostly with my parents when I was young. It is a beautiful area and while it has become more of a tourist trap in the last ten years with the explosion of the Canal Park area, it still has a great deal to offer.

My first trip to Duluth was at the tender age of 3, but if you can believe it, I still remember alot about it! It was not my first vacation with my parents ever, but it's the first one I can actually remember. I remember thinking staying in a hotel was a really big deal. I remember being excited to swim in the hotel pool. I remember going to this place that is an old Logging Camp and that they had a petting zoo. I vaguely remember going in Gooseberry Falls and walking on the rocks. But the thing I remember most is, I lost my favorite pair of Rainbow Brite sunglasses.

My dad had decided to take a picture of my mom and me by a pier on Lake Superior. My mom was holding me up and my sunglasses were perched on a wall. You can see this in the picture in fact. After the picture we walked away and my sunglasses were lost forever. To a three year old, this is one of the most heartbreaking things ever apparently. Multiple stops were made at some stores attempting to replace these, and the best we found were Snoopy sunglasses which just weren't the same!

As an adult I like to hold this over my parents a little bit, that it's kind of their fault, but it's all in jest really. We had several more great trips up there and I've been up there with girlfriends, but not once with Nate, so I'm glad to finally be sharing my favorite city in the world with him. And I'm pretty sure, we won't lose anything!

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Jes said...

Ah, the things that get lost on family vacations! I came close to losing a shoe in those very same falls at that very same age. I can't pin that one on my parents though! Lol! Duluth is a fun place to be :)