Ok, so Flashback Fridays are just going to be too hard for me to keep up with. Just not enough access to pictures in a digital format right now. Maybe someday!

So today I instead bring you a normal, boring, run of the mill blogpost. Mainly because I lack creativity today.

I'm glad it is Friday. The week seems to have really flown by though, it's sort of surprising.

Tonight we go to a surprise party for Nate's boss. Tomorrow we have a Praise Project gig. Sunday I have a "celebration" for Nate's cousins who are in the process of adoption. It's not really a shower per say, more of a get together to hear about the kids (yes they are adopting two!) and the whole process. I'm really interested in hearing their story, it should be neat.

So another weekend I know will fly right on by. I have so many wonderful things coming up though that it would be perfectly all right with me if that was the case!

Happy Friday! Even if it is Friday the 13th!


Gina said...

oh bummer about not doing Flashback Friday...I was looking forward to that. Oh well. Sounds like you have a busy weekend. Hope you get some time to relax!

Beth said...

I know, I wanted to do it too, I just don't have enough pictures on my computer sadly! But I'm going to try to do it again soon hopefully. Just not every week. :)