Thankful Thursday - Week 2

It's time for another Thankful Thursday post! It's been a trying week at times this week, nothing bad, just busy so this is a good time for me to reflect just a little bit on what I'm thankful for!

1. My husband - I'm thankful for him everyday of course, but a couple of things he did for me this week make me exceptionally thankful for him today! I love you Nate!

2. My cats - As you all know I'm a Wednesday night widow and it's so funny the way the cats fight over who gets to sit with me while I watch Glee, usually resulting in both of them curled up with me in some fashion, at least that was the case last night!

3. This unbelievable weather! I love not having to clear my car off in the morning and not having to wear a super heavy jacket yet. This is definitely a gift!

4. Reindeer Blend coffee from Caribou - it came back today, it is my absolute favorite blend of the entire year and I will take advantage of it until it goes away after Christmas! (Side note, I also tried a new drink made with all natural dark chocolate - very good, but very rich, will probably stick to my Vanilla in the future)

5. Safe and sound - I had two very important people to me have car accidents in the last week here and while damage was done to the vehicles involved, the people are safe and sound and not seriously injured, so I am very thankful for that!

What are you thankful for this week? Feel free to share here or back at my friend S's blog here, where Thankful Thursday originated!


Jes said...

Yeay for Thursdays, new coffee drinks to try, and warm days :)

simplicity said...

So glad your friends (I'm thinking Gina is one) are safe after their accidents. How scary! Thanks Beth! Loved your list!