A tradition

For the last six years I have gone and stood in line to get myself a copy of the Cities 97 City Sampler. The first year I went alone and then after that I recruited my dear friend Gina to stand in line with me and it's become our tradition to do this each year ever since.

Some people think we are crazy, because we are known to head to Target, where the Sampler is sold, around 6:00 am. The problem is, the CD is for charity and only so many copies are released each year, so we always want to make sure we actually get one!

The very first year that I went by myself, I was still in college and rolled out of bed close to 8:00 because I had no morning classes, so I figured, I'll just throw on a sweatshirt over my p.j.'s and drive to the Targhetto (sorry, it was St. Paul Midway, total Targhetto) right when they opened, get my CD and go home. I learned it was not that simple!

The line was out around the back of the building, this was the 15th anniversary year, but even on non-anniversary years it has become a big deal, a collector item for MN music fans. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the last copies that year. Ever since, Gina and I make sure we are in line nice and early, even if it means we have to sit in the cold for two hours.

And it has been COLD in the past. Last year was one of the coldest ever, with the temps barely out of the teens while we waited. This year's promised temps of upper 30's will be like a heat wave. We always dress in layers, bring blankets and chairs and just huddle up as best we can.

The CD's are worth it - they are unique one of a kind recordings from pretty big names in music, past artists have included Coldplay, Sarah McLachlan, REM, etc. I find myself not always listening to Cities 97 anymore as my music tastes have taken on more of an electic mix, but I can't miss out on getting my CD each year, it's a must have for my library!

So, tomorrow Gina and I will make our annual trek. She was smart and took the whole day off, but because of other days off I have coming up, I will try my best to make it through the work day after we get the Sampler (and some breakfast out right after). I will probably be dragging, but I'll have my new music to keep me going!


simplicity said...

I agree that the cd's are worth it even though I don't own any of them. My dad got one last year and it had great music on it and also just from hearing the diff songs they have on them and things. What a fun tradition!

Jes said...

Stay warm!