Flashback Friday - 2006

On this same friend's blog that I found the inspiration for Thankful Thursday, I saw a suggestion from another blogger to do a Flashback Friday. I thought the idea sounded fun, and would inspire me to include pictures! I don't have alot of older pictures scanned, but I'm going to make an effort to this soon.

For today, I bring you a pictures from 2006. It was a big year, the year we got married, bought our house, got Taylor the cat, and turned the big 25. Sometimes it's hard to believe that was just three years ago, it almost seems longer. Not in a bad way, but when you think about it, it really wasn't all that long ago! So let's go back a short three years here:

Me with Taylor - May 2006 (camera has wrong date)

My bachlorette party at Mel's Beauty Bar -
tons of fun as you can see in the picture,
we laughed ALOT that night

Nate and I on the Ranger Tower in Itasca on our honeymoon. Going up was easy.
I did NOT enjoy climbing back down, he had to talk me through it.

Our wedding day

Our 25th birthday party at the Mermaid - it was my golden birthday.

As you can see, our looks have both changed alot since this time! I had grown my hair out for our wedding, I have now cut it pretty short. I do not dye it anymore, no more red hair for me. I stopped wearing contact lenses as well. Nate has different glasses and of course, facial hair. I think we both look more "our age" now, we look so young in these pictures!

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane for this week. I hope to go back in time even more as we move forward through NaBlPoMo!


Gina said...

Ah the memories. 2006 WAS a wonderful year! Not only did my best friend get married, but I met my future husband that year. I can't believe how long your hair was either and red! What a great flashback to have. Can't wait to see the future ones! :)

Jes said...

Awesome :D