Welcome Autumn!

Ok so I'm a day late.

But my season is finally here! I am a huge Autumn lover as mentioned in this blog several times over. I cannot wait to bring out my Fall harvest type decorations each year, I get excited to rearrange my closet and bring out my fall/winter clothes. I drool over thoughts of apple pies and apple crisp and cider.

Now it's finally here! Although the weather has had a hard time lately realizing what time of year it is. Most folks are going to hit me when I say I'm ready for it to be cooler. Notice I did not say cold, just cooler. I happen to love sweatshirts and sweaters and I look forward to wearing them.

We've got fun fall activities coming up in the next few weeks. My mom's annual family golf tournament is this coming weekend. In a couple of weeks we're having our annual Oktoberfest beer/bonfire backyard bash. I'm super excited for that. With all of our friends so spread out it's really nice to have at least one day during the year when we're able to get everyone together for some fun. And Nate gets to show off his beer at the same time!

Another sign of Fall of course is the new TV schedule - I have some new favorites already this year and I have been enjoying catching up with shows coming back from hiatus. We try not to live our lives around the television schedule and often times find ourselves catching up with shows all in one night, but less commercials that way, so it works out.

So there are many reasons that Fall is awesome, I love that it is finally here and I plan to enjoy every last minute because after Fall comes winter and well....it is Minnesota after all.

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Jes said...

I am very excited for your Octoberfest! :)