A note

To the City of Columbia Heights:

Remember a couple of weeks ago I sent you that note about communication and how it needs to improve between us? Well, this is on the same topic.

I just think it would be kind of you to inform your residents when you plan to make changes to the street they live on. It would really help so when they come home from work one day and suddenly see yellow lines painted down the middle of the street and a solid white line on one side of the road they'll understand what is going on. Is it a bike lane? Is it a parking lane? We are confused. I don't know that I like either option, but I would like to at least be told what is going on!

So again, it's just a little note for you that it would be nice to be communicated with. I'm just saying. I am not moving anytime soon due to large amounts of money I put into home projects on my house this summer, but you are not making me happy Columbia Heights. Let's try and work on that.



Gina said...

I can't believe that they would paint the street with a middle line and then have a soild white line for some type of parking. A majority of the side streets in Heights are smaller with parking so everyone just drives down the middle. What is going on?

Jes said...

Heights never has been known for their communication :P