Friday Funny

My cats never cease to make me laugh. In the below picture, notice Pippin has a little friend.

Can you see it?

Her and Taylor both love this stupid little pink mouse that has a black string attached to it. The string used to attach to a little stick - but it broke off after much playing with it. I figured they probably wouldn't enjoy it much anymore and threw it in one of their toy baskets. All of sudden it is THE toy to play with, they both drag this thing all over the house and even fight over it a bit. I'm very glad it entertains them so.

Pippin must have decided that Mr. Mouse needed to stop and have a little snack with her. I came into the dining room and found this scene and just couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures.

Can you see it now?

I guess even toys get hungry sometimes! I swear she drug the mouse right up to the food bowl on her own. Who knows where he'll turn up next!

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Jes said...

Lol! Animals are so funny sometimes!