Soap Box

I watched the Emmy's last night. I am a giant nerd and really enjoy awards shows. This year was no exception really - I loved Neil Patrick Harris as host, I thought that the overall show was well done, I was moved by Sarah McLachlan's live version of "I Will Remember You" while they flashed the pictures of those stars we lost this year. However, I have one huge complaint.

The same darn shows won this year that won last year too!

I am getting tired of all the awards going to 30 Rock. I apologize if any of my readers are fans, but I just do not get that show! I don't think it's funny. I cannot stand Alec Baldwin or Tracey Morgan. I love Tina Fey - but more in her films and SNL type stuff. So I'm sorry, I want someone else to have a turn in any categories shared with 30 Rock! Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is a comic genus as Sheldon and he deserved the award.

Instead of Mad Men - did anyone not catch Hugh Laurie's outstanding performance in House, especially the season finale when his character discovers he is severely hallucinating?? Or just the fact that he plays a jackass SO well week in and week out? And actually the entire cast of House works so well as ensemble and there are storylines that go so deep - a main character dealing with Huntington's disease, another with martial problems, the suicide of a main character this last year that they all had to deal with? I'm just saying.

Anyway, I cannot change anything about the way these things work, but it doesn't mean I can't get up on my Soap Box and rant just a little bit :) So there you go, my thoughts on the Emmy's this year. Just wait, in about six months I'll be back to probably complain about the Oscars!


Jes said...

I missed watching the Emmy's last night - but I totally agree about House!

Gina said...

I completely agree about House as well! So excited for the season premire tonight!!!