Updates from weekend

Updates from the weekend:

I came in 5th out of 11 or so women at our family golf tournament. Not bad for someone who hasn't been out golfing once this year! I even took home a little money - on one hole we have a contest for who can shoot closest to the pin on their first shot - I ended up being the one who took that prize!

Beyond that, Nate and I had some nice quality time together this weekend, including a visit to one of our favorite restaurants (Donatelli's) that we haven't been to in quite some time because we like to go there when it is cold outside. Last night it was quite chilly and it sounded just about right!

Other things this weekend turned out less than pleasant, but I'm putting them behind me because today is starting out to be a good day and I think this week just might be a pretty good week!

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Jes said...

Yeay!! Congrats on doing so well in the golf tournament! :)