Was it really a three day weekend?

Man alive we kept ourselves busy this past weekend! I don't know how three days could fly by so fast! When you look at what we did though, it makes sense.

Friday was a low key evening. We did not have a Praise Project rehearsal for a change, so we had a nice relaxing dinner at my parents and then just headed home to watch a movie from Netflix. We haven't had an opportunity to do that on a Friday in weeks, so it was a nice change of pace!

Saturday we got up early and met my parents in Minneapolis and did the Segway tour. It's a little spendy, but if you ever get the chance to try it, you should. It's a neat way to see some of the historic sites of Minneapolis without having to walk as much because you're riding a Segway the whole way! They give you a half hour of training before they take you out. I found that riding the Segway was pretty easy, though it does get a little tiring on your feet and legs. They also have a St. Paul tour so Nate and I hope to maybe go do that one in the spring.

After the tour we had lunch at a so/so restaurant on the river, headed home to relax for a bit and then went to one of our new favorite places, Shamrocks, for dinner.

Sunday was a picnic with the Roman family up in Chisago at the same location we had the picnic over Memorial Day weekend. It's so pretty up there and nice on the lake. We had an adventurous boat ride complete with Uncle Marty getting stuck in the mud when he stopped to let the dog off to go potty. He had beached the boat, but after he got off, we started drifting. Marty took two feet into the water to try and grab the boat and sunk down up to his waste. It was a "kind of have to be there" sort of moment, but man, we all laughed! We managed to get the boat back to Marty and returned to shore where he could get cleaned up.

The picnic pretty much killed Sunday though. So Monday, we slept late, started our quest to find Nate a chest freezer for his beer kegs and then he mowed the lawn. So far we're coming up dry on the chest freezer - it has to fit through our basement door. Remember the couch saga? This is pretty much the same problem. We're hopeful we will find something so we can start enjoying our three new batches of beer! Stay tuned!

So when you look at it, can you understand why I feel like I didn't just have a three day weekend? I'm sure my readers are saying to themselves "When does this girl ever rest?" I honestly don't know the answer to that question!

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Jes said...

You did keep busy over the weekend! Wow! It sounds like a lot of fun though :)