Summerizing the Summer

And now it is September. Fall is nearly here and summer is more or less behind us. Technically the Autumn equinox isn't for a few more weeks, but we're close enough for me to start considering it fall now. It's colder in the mornings and sun is setting earlier I've noticed.

But, as much as I love Fall, I'm also reflecting on the summer. We had a good one, it flew by rather fast.

June found us celebrating Springtoberest with our friends a little later than originally planned because of Nate being sick in May. We Rocked the Garden with the Current at the Walker Art Center. We sang our first official "gig" as Praise Project at both a Lutheran church and then the Catholic church we've been most frequently attending. We continued work on our never ending painting project and did some small amounts of work in the yard. We had our new furnace and air conditioner installed as well.

July we celebrated a low key 4th of July weekend. We started trying out new kinds of tea. We also visited a few restaurants we'd never been before. We kept plugging away on that darn painting project. I took a Friday off and spent time with good friends at the beach and got extremely sunburned. We finally bought our new couch and loveseat for the basement. Nate's dad had surgery and we helped his parents out for the first few days of his recovery and we rejoiced in the fact that everything went extremely well. We celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday at a Greek restaurant.

And in August we had a family reunion, finally finished the painting project and moved into our new bedroom, spent a three day weekend up north with family in a cabin on a lake, sang at another gig with Praise Project, Nate began the process of kegging beer and we made a trip to the MN State Fair. We had a piano moved to our house and rearranged some furniture. I had a very successful Partylite candle party.

That pretty much summerizes our summer. We had opportunities to spend time with friends, meeting up for drinks or dinner and many times doing these things in outdoor venues which was fantastic. It was a great summer and I have no complaints. But, that doesn't mean I'm still not happy to move onward to Fall!

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Jes said...

I am looking forward to a wonderful fall too! The summer has been a blast and I'm sure fall will be amazing as well! :)