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I know, everyone reading this is going "does this girl do anything besides write blogs"?

I really do have a life! I promise! But, we do have a new sub blog titled "The Fun Couple's Guide to the Twin Cities" that I encourage you all to check out. I'll be focusing more energy into this blog than the food one. While Nate and I appreciate a good restaurant, we're not true foodies, so it's a hard blog to really work on.

So now, you're wondering, where did we get the idea for this new blog? It's kind of an inside joke. Nate came home from work one day and told me "So I've pretty much decided after talking with my co-workers that you and I are the fun couple." And while I am totally ok with that, I'm like "and just how did you reach that conclusion?" Apparently a single co-worker of his was going on a date with a new person, and was asking everyone what they did for fun with their significant others. Nate said that out of his co-workers, he was the only one that really goes out and does things with his wife. This is of no offense to any of his co-workers, I know a handful of them are parents so that does make it challenging.

For the whole rest of the weekend I wouldn't let go of the whole "We're the fun couple!" thing, which was driving him nuts at first, but then he said, you know what would keep us as "the fun couple"? Let's write a blog about the fun activities we go out and do in the area. And my ears perked up immediately because let's face it, I need blog writers anonymous I've gotten so addicted to blogging.

So there you have it! Our goal is to try one thing each month, depending on money, weather and time. But we're really going to try.

So read along with us there and have some fun! Suggestions of activities are also welcome!

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