This weekend I'm going to be playing in a golf tournament with my mom's family. This tournament has been going on for years and years - before I was even born. Apparently it started with my grandpa taking out his sons, it then extended to the son-in-laws and grandsons. It was a tradition that continued after my grandfather died and was dedicated to his memory.

I can remember it from when I was young and we'd always meet up after the golf game for a big luncheon. There are trophies that are handed out each year and passed around, I tell you, this tournament is no joke! The Millers take their golf seriously! My dad's name is displayed a couple of times on that trophy, it was always fun when it was in our house on display.

Somewhere in the mid 90's it was decided that after nearly 20 years they would let the women play as well. They would be in a category on their own, have their own trophy, etc. My dad took this opportunity to teach my mom and I to golf and for a number of years my mom and I passed back and forth the last place trophy. We've both improved a bit - although this year I won't be surprised if I take it home after not getting out once this summer to play AT ALL.

It's fun being out on the course in the cool autumn air, it's a good chance to see family we almost never see and it's just a Fall tradition to me. There have been several years I have missed it, but I've almost always been there since I was eligible to play (must be 13 years or older). Even Nate has played once since we've been married, but I gave him a get out of jail free card on this year since as I said above, we did not golf this summer. He does ok but would be much more comfortable if he'd had a chance to play before tomorrow.

So, I'll be going at it totally cold tomorrow! I can only imagine how it will go, but I could surprise myself, you just never know. Or maybe we'll get rained out, I have heard that is a possibility. Here goes nothing!


simplicity said...

I always golf best when I haven't played in awhile. Good luck tomorrow! Have fun!

Jes said...

I hope you had a great time! I'm anxiously awaiting the results!

Gina said...

Hope that you had a good time at the golf tournament. Apparently going golfing after you haven't played for awhile is the right trick.